Friday, January 20, 2012

OMG I'm, Like, An Author Or Something!

As many of you have already learned, I am a badass author now. So, I guess all there is left to do now is sit back, pour a glass of wine, and let the royalties pour in!
HA! And then later I'm going to slip into a size 4 and James McAvoy and I are heading to the Oscars together to celebrate my nomination for best writer in this year's hit blockbuster staring Jimmy himself and Alexander Skarsgaard.
But seriously, I cant express how exciting this is for me. I've already sold copies online and in the coffee shop, and its like watching someone take one of my children away. But not in the creepy sense...okay, poor example. Its the same feeling I get as an artist after working long hours on a pet portrait and then seeing someone's face light up with joy upon seeing the finished product. Lots of pride, a sense of accomplishment, and a reassurance that in fact I do have some talent and to keep at it! Thank you everyone for all the support over the years. This has been a project long in the making!

Next!! Yes, I have two more stories in the works right now and a lot of motivation. And there are a few other ideas rattling around in my head, so there will be no lack of entertainment. Here's a sneak at the cover of the next story on my publishing to-do list:

So on it, folks...

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