Monday, January 23, 2012

Just leave the flowers on the doorstep; I'm grieving in here.

So, I know I should be working on my book or writing a blog for Long Beach Coffee Roasters, but the truth is, I just cant bring myself to do anything remotely productive. I will be losing a very valuable asset in a few months, and this has cut me to the core.
It's the photo editing site, Picnik.
I know what you're probably thinking: WTF, Mandy? Is that all? I about crapped my pants!
You don't understand! Ever since I discovered this gem it has helped me work wonders with photos and making brochures and flyers and general entertainment. Super important stuff like this:
Hold me, Alex, hold me.

And of course I would be lost forever if I wasnt able to indulge in fantasies like this:
It's just so unfair, isn't it James?

Picnik is one of those great tools that allows me to express who I am! It's about art, people. And self All that fancy shit. (The UPS guy just brought my saddle bags and tail wrap! Moment of extreme excitement! Woot!)
Someone help me out here, please. What do you use to awesome up your photos? My blogs just wont be the same without snarky comments on photos. Help me put the pieces back together. Honey badger does care!

On the other hand, this drama has put me in the writing state of mind...hmmm...

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