Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At the Dinner Table with the Minions: Height Restrictions

Conversations at our dinner table are often a source of insight into the human condition, philosophies on life, and scientific queries. Tonight, Evie was interested in human growth patterns, mainly hers compared to mine.

Evie: "Even though Roman is younger, could he get bigger than me?"
Me: "It's possible. We'll have to see."
Evie: "But we'll both probably be bigger than you because you're a tiny person."
Roman: "Yeah, you're a tiny person, but you still have tattoos."
Evie: "You have to be a grown-up to have tattoos because it's a big decision and they're permanent. And it hurts and they use needles."
Me: ...
Evie: "Do you [grow] when you're a kid?"
Me: "Yes, of course. You're growing right now."
Evie: "Do some kids get bigger than their moms?"
Me: *sigh* "Yes, some do."
Evie: "Will I get bigger than you?"
Me: "Time will tell..."

So, basically my kids see me like this:

Betty Broadbent: the most famous tattooed attraction of all time. In 1927 at the age of 18, she joined the Ringling Brothers and Bailey circus as the youngest tattooed woman in the United States with 365 tattoos. Betty was one of the last working tattooed ladies in the U.S., retiring in 1967 from the Clyde Beatty circus after 40 years in show business. In 1981 she became the first person honored in the tattoo hall of fame.  

If you can't find me, I've run away to join the circus. Look for me in the side show.

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