Saturday, December 29, 2012


I have in spades.

Okay, this isnt a real post; it's a "I-am-so-excited-and-I-know-you-are-too-just-be-patient" post. My book is in the editing phase right now and I am eagerly awaiting Kelly's delivery of it into my waiting hands. So I can then hand it off to my next beta reader. Hopefully, they will enjoy reading my book the same way I do:
With lots and lots of wine. This only enhances the experience. 

Total editing count (including myself): 2
Total editors left (including my husband who I swear I will hound until the bitter end until he is finished even if it means he has to stay up until 2am): 2

Until my next update, here is an adorable picture of my son eating a tomato:
Because it's crazy cute, that's why.

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