Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adventures in Publishing

Okay, I finally did it. After years of big talk and no results because I was too afraid of rejection, I have decided to go ahead and publish my Jane Austen inspired book entitled 'The Devoted: A tale of an alturistic young Englishwoman.' What sparked this big move? I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I think the main reason was I came to the conclusion that there's no point in dedicating so much time in putting your heart on a page without sharing it with the world. And maybe even getting a little recognition for it! Sounds lame and maybe a little cheesy, and maybe I'm just tired of Chase nagging me to go for it, but I admit I am pretty excited about the prospect. Even if the only person who buys a book is my mom :)
So here's how it went down. It actually wasn't too difficult. A quick google search and some research and I picked, which is affliated with Amazon. Sure, its not big time, and its basically self-publishing, but its free and it offers professional services. Which I can't afford. But that's okay because its not required. Seriously, you open a new title, fill in some blank spaces, download a template, set a price, and viola! They assign an ISBN and have great ideas for marketing. I've designed a cover and am working on a final edit before downloading the text and ordering a proof. Its amazing at how easy it is, and I don't have to worry about recieving a rejection letter. BIG plus! The book can be offered for sale on Amazon, or I can buy copies to sell my coffee shop :)
So, since I intend to publish 'The Devoted,' I will not post any more chapters of that particular book here because I am mean ;) I've actually changed what has previously been posted anyway, so what you may have read is not even the final draft. And one day when I'm famous, you could say you've read my never before seen work in progress. And you'll be soooooo cool.
Or not.
I wont leave you story-less. I'll start posting chapters of my non-JA story entitled 'Fragile.' Its completely different, so wipe the slate clean. Until then...


  1. You Go! I'd buy it, just so I can finish the dang story that you left us hanging with last year.

    Chase is right (you can choose to tell him that or not)...if you put that much effort into something you should get it published. Good luck!

    Who knows you could be the next J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer. Then I can say I knew you long before you were famous ;-P

  2. That is AWESOME!!!! Awesome! I LOVE to write, I've been writing since I was 18, I have soooo many stories, however I can't seem to finish one! :(